Airplane Safety Videos Show How Comedy Can Engage Customers

If you’ve flown over the past decade, chances are that you’ve run into one of these airline safety videos.  In an effort to improve retention of the safety procedures when flying, Delta turned to comedy.  “We wanted people to laugh and be engaged, because if they’re paying attention and watching for the gags, they’re also paying attention and listening to the safety instructions,” said Delta’s general manager of marketing communications, Mauricio Parise.

“If you don’t differentiate creatively, you will lose the audience’s attention,” he says. “Content should always entertain, inspire, or educate. The goal was definitely to grab people’s attention through the humor, while at the same time getting them to pay attention to the safety message.”

Furthermore, “So much of the script is mandated by the FAA that it’s really not an option to tinker with that, so the visual humor really had to be the focus,” he says.

All of these quotes from a 2012 article still ring true in today’s engagement universe.

Delta’s 80’s Style Safety Video

Delta’s Internet Meme/Celebrity Safety Video

If an airliner can create humorous videos in a tightly regulated field, so can you! Want to make your customers chuckle? Reach out to us about comedy writing for business.