Top 10 Ways MURAL Can Help Your Employees Ideate and Engage During COVID-19

Human centered design has gained quite a lot of traction over recent years. This approach of solving problems and coming up with holistic solutions through interdisciplinary approaches has greatly improved the way the world works. However, with the Covid-19 pandemic restricting everyone to their own homes, the process of co-creation has been affected to a great extent. A lot of people are looking for the best employee engagement software. In times like these, MURAL is one of the platforms that make it easier for people to ideate together even as they work from home. Here are the top 10 ways in which the collaborative platform MURAL can help companies and their employees collaborate during Covid. 


Mural serves as an online whiteboard where people can brainstorm and come up with their own ideas in collaboration with others. The platform’s mechanism allows for several people to engage with each other’s thought processes along with the integrated chat services that make the process ten times easier, even though it’s all online. 

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Diverse Range of Options 

A Mural board offers tons of visual options to choose from which makes ideation seamless and easier to understand. Instead of several people brainstorming on a text document or through note-taking, Mural, with it’s fun-colored sticky notes and other annotation options, helps you get serious work done without ever making it feel monotonous – which is what design thinking is all about. 

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Allowing Complex Ideation 

Mural aims to serve as a digital workspace. The entire idea behind the platform is to replace traditional offices with something that’s more convenient in today’s time and age. Mural’s compatibility with big screens allows for a greater visual experience which helps teams collaborate more effectively to pursue their ideas further. Remote working requires large visual work spaces for complex visual thinking and Mural is one of the only platforms serving this very purpose. 


Mural works on all operating systems. So whether you’re a Windows person or prefer using Macs, accessibility is never going to be an issue with this platform. What’s more is that with the seamless Mural app for android and IOS, you can take your entire workspace and all your brainstorming with you everywhere! That’s why Mural is one of the best employee engagement software out there. Long gone is the hassle of opening up a laptop and going through multiple files to find a certain part of your ideation process. With Mural, everything is easy to track and hence, to understand. 


Empathy Mapping 

Empathy mapping is best done visually. When you can see who the stakeholders are to a particular problem, it becomes easier to understand what solutions are viable for them. Mural allows for empathy mapping like never before. Through importing news clippings, pictures and using the platform’s own design options, collaborative empathy mapping becomes a seamless process. Along with that, it helps provide insight into the user’s experience and how they might interact with a product or a service. 

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Faster Decision Making 

Remote working has immensely slowed down the functioning of several enterprises mainly because some people rely on human interaction to make decisions. With a shared digital workspace like Mural, the real-time changes in any business strategy is available for everyone to see and edit. Which means that even from miles away, people can work on the evolution of their brand and it’s ideas, resulting in a faster decision making process without having to work a lot on coordination because Mural simply does it for you. 


Conducting Remote Workshops 

Workshops and other collaborative activities are a huge part of the success of any brand. If the employees don’t have a good rapport with each other, how can you expect them to work well together? This has been one of the greatest challenges of working from home. Mural, in collaboration with other apps like Zoom and MS Teams is an extremely useful tool for interaction and brainstorming without letting social distancing affect the smooth functioning of any design process. 

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The number one concern for any business during this entire pandemic has been confidentiality. When you shift to working from home, security is threatened to a greater extent because you’re no longer safe in the confines of your office space. Every conversation becomes part of the internet cloud and no one really knows what’s safe and what isn’t. With Mural, everyone who uses the service can expect their data to remain private and confidential. The platform uses state of the art security practices to ensure that you can trust them and benefit off of their service whenever your work requires it. 

Voting Sessions 

Mural is nothing if not inclusive. One of the key features of the ideation platform is that it gives space to all members of a team to channel their expressions into visual forms. Through Mural’s voting sessions, the ability to reach a consensus has greatly increased, especially with people working remotely and not having access to each other to understand the scope of every individual’s contributions. Mural offers the option of generating quick polls after every brainstorming session to get a general sense of the hierarchy of ideas and the collective direction that people in the team want to go towards. These voting sessions are yet again compatible with every device running any version of the app, which makes the process even more feasible for everyone. 

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Mural Templates 

Lastly, Mural supports the process of design thinking, marketing and strategizing for countless companies because of the user-friendly experience that the platform offers. Cut your ideation process shorter by making use of the thousand of templates on the platform which include boards for SWOT analysis, storyboarding, annual calendars and pretty much anything you can ever need for any kind of strategic planning. Whether you want to map out customer journeys or present an idea to your stakeholders, Mural knows exactly the kind of professional visualization that businesses require and it helps them achieve their goal through it’s organized, well designed and diverse range of templates that are open to customization as per your project’s needs.