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How Adults Can Use LEGO to Relieve Stress

Creating a personal LEGO happy place is an easy and fun way to help adults rediscover their inner child, bring more joy and well-being into their lives, and help to de-stress.  To start, consider the environment. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy—just somewhere that feels comfortable and inviting. Maybe it’s on a table, or […]

Applied Improvisation

5 Improv Activities to Reduce Stress with Work

When it comes to managing stress, improv skills can help by teaching us to focus our energy on the present moment instead of worrying about the future or ruminating on past events. This helps us to gain clarity and perspective – reducing our stress levels in the process. Improv can provide an effective outlet for […]

Content Marketing

Walt Disney’s Creative Approach: Learnings for Your Content Experience Strategy

Walt Disney created a revolutionary content experience in 1955 when he opened Disneyland. His vision of creating an immersive, interactive world of fun and fantasy changed the face of entertainment forever. Even today, many of his ideas and innovations can be seen in branded content experiences. The parallels between Walt Disney’s original concept for Disneyland […]

Employee Engagement

Why an Intranet is Important for Engaging with Employees

Does your company have an intranet?  Intranets are internal networks built for the exclusive use of employees and staff within an organization. They facilitate communication and collaboration, as well as providing access to essential information and resources. In today’s digital world, an effective intranet is vital for employee engagement and productivity. In this post, we’ll […]

Applied Improvisation

Job Failure: How Improv Helps Make Failures a Positive Experience

It is an accepted truth that failure is inevitable on endeavors. The world of improv comedy is no exception. For many improvisers, though, failure and risk are some of the most important elements of our craft; it’s the fear of failing and making mistakes that pushes us to generate new ideas and come up with […]

Comedy Content

Funny Things About Business

We always joke about quirky things in the workplace, they unify us and give us a reason to laugh. When creating content for work that focuses on serious topics, it doesn’t hurt to sprinkle in some common things that make us “lol” to lighten the topic and make the content more engaging without losing the […]

Applied Improvisation

How to Improve Your Improv Skills for Professional Development

Improvisation is a critical skill for professional development. By building your capacity to think on your feet, respond in the moment, and create ideas quickly, you can make yourself a more valuable asset to your team or organization. Whether you’re giving a presentation, leading a meeting, or networking with colleagues and potential employers, the ability […]

Employee Engagement

2023 Employee Engagement Trends: Preparing the Workplace for What’s Next 

As businesses begin to look ahead to the future, they’re facing an increasingly complex challenge: How can they ensure their employees are engaged and motivated? This challenge is only growing in complexity as technology advances, as new generations enter the workforce with different values and expectations, and as the global economy continues to evolve. To […]

Content Marketing

Make Your Audience Laugh: Incorporating Humor into Your Content Strategy

Humor helps to humanize your brand and give it personality. When used appropriately in content marketing, humor helps build trust with customers, encourages engagement, and ultimately helps grow brand awareness. If you inject some comedic elements into the narrative, it will be easier for readers to stay focused on what you are presenting them with.  […]