Play-doh at Work: Creative Activities for Adults

Play-doh has long been a staple of childhood playtime, but it can also be used as an effective tool for adults in the workplace. There are many creative and interactive ways to use Play-doh that can help boost creativity, collaboration and productivity, making it a great tool for team building activities or simply adding a fun element to any workday. Here are Play-doh activities that adults can use at work:

Play-doh Ice Breaker

Using Play-doh as an ice breaker is a great way to help adults get to know each other better in the workplace. By having employees form their own creations out of the Play-doh, it gives them an opportunity to discuss and share ideas, helping them form deeper connections with their coworkers and ultimately better understand how each person works in the office environment. It’s also a great way for people who are new to a company to easily get acquainted and feel more comfortable in their new role. 

Spice Up Your Corporate Meetings with Play-doh

Play-doh can be used to get coworkers talking in a corporate meeting. Have each person create an item with the playdoh that represents their idea for the project at hand, or creates a visual representation of an answer to a question. When everyone is done, have each team member explain what theirs means and why it represents their thoughts on the matter. This creative activity helps open up lines of communication between coworkers and encourages out of the box thinking for group projects. 

Connect With Colleagues Through Play Sculpture

Create works of art with colleagues by encouraging them to work together on one big sculpture! The process can help teammates bond over shared goals and objectives while also being fun and entertaining. Plus, it’s a great way to stretch your artistic muscles at work! 

Play-doh Games at Work

Games are always great for bringing people together and encouraging friendly competition amongst coworkers – and playing with Play-doh is no exception! Set up an obstacle course full of challenges that require participants to mold pieces of Play-doh into certain shapes before moving on to the next challenge – this is sure to bring some laughs and excitement while allowing everyone the chance to show off their creativity!  

Incorporate Team Building Activities

Use Play-doh as an effective tool for fostering better relationships between coworkers by having them complete tasks together such as building a bridge or constructing something from scratch! This type of exercise encourages cooperation, creativity, problem-solving skills, communication, trust building and more – all essential elements when working as part of a team on any project! Not only will it be fun but you’ll also gain essential skills in the process too! 

Desk Toys

Keep some extra Play-doh around desks for when employees need a quick break in between tasks to give their brains a rest before diving back in again! Not only will it help relieve stress but it’ll also be something fun they can look forward too throughout the day while staying focused on their tasks without getting overwhelmed by them all at once. Plus it makes for great conversation starters too when co-workers compare products they made from the same dough!

Whether you need help kicking off a meeting or just want to add some extra sparkle into your day-to-day workflow at work, there are plenty of ways you can use Play-doh activities in your office setting – these five being just the beginning! So grab some colorful clay and get ready for hours of collaborative fun with your colleagues – they won’t even realize how productive they are being during this whole time!