Toys in the Workplace: 6 Fun and Engaging Toys to Promote Collaboration and Teach Business Skills

In today’s digital age, there is no lack of opportunities for people to engage with each other in a fun and creative way. As such, using toys in the workplace is more than just an enjoyable pastime—it can promote collaboration and even teach business skills. Whether you’re looking for something to keep your team occupied during breaks or to get the creative juices flowing during brainstorming sessions, these six engaging toys are sure to do the trick. 

1. Building Sets 

Building sets are another fun way of encouraging teamwork while stimulating creative thinking. Many popular building toy brands offer various types of sets that can be used in different ways – from creating 3D models of architecture and landscapes to constructing intricate machines or gadgets out of mechanical components. Working with building sets also helps employees hone their fine motor control and spatial reasoning skills – both useful for tackling real-world problems at work.   

2. Robotics Kits

Robotics kits have become increasingly popular over the past few years due to their ability to teach basic coding concepts while simultaneously introducing users to more complex engineering principles. Not only do robotics kits promote hands-on learning by allowing participants to take part in a physical process, but they also provide users with instant feedback so that mistakes can be identified quickly and corrected accordingly.

3. Desk Toys

Desk toys can often provide an outlet for stress relief or serve as conversation starters between colleagues. Common desk toys include: Newton’s Cradles, Fidget Spinners, Rubik’s Cubes, Balance Balls and Stacking Toys.  

4. Conversation Games

With their focus on communication and teamwork, conversation games make it easy for coworkers to collaborate without sacrificing productivity or focus. Whether it’s discussing difficult topics such as diversity or simply getting comfortable working with one another, conversation games help employees learn how best they can work together while also having a bit of fun along the way! 

5. Card Games

Card games offer a great way for teams to bond by playing something familiar yet new at the same time. Be it classic card games or new ones designed specifically for businesses such as “Coding Wars” (a game based on coding challenges) card games provide an opportunity for coworkers to have fun while still learning important business lessons along the way. 

6. Role Playing Games 

Role playing games (RPGs) are becoming increasingly popular among corporate teams looking for engaging activities that foster collaboration and teach business strategies in an entertaining way. RPGs typically involve two teams competing against each other in order to reach specific goals within a predetermined time limit – all while practicing negotiation tactics, decision-making processes, leadership qualities, and other business related skills along the way. For example, one commonly used role playing game involves developing products for imaginary companies in order to win over customers; another requires teams create complete marketing plans for hypothetical business scenarios without exceeding certain budgets or resources given ahead of time.  

Using toys in the workplace isn’t just about entertainment—it’s about creating an atmosphere where teamwork can thrive through collaboration and creativity! By incorporating any one (or more!) of these five fun toys into your office setting, you will be sure not only boost morale among your staff but also ensure that everyone is learning key business skills along the way!